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Missouri Jazz Band - I''m Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston, 1926

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Missouri Jazz Band – I’m Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston, Fox-Trot (Turk, Handman) Domino 1926 (USA) NOTE: Missouri Jazz Band was the label name of a prolific East Coast dance orchestra led during the Roaring 20s by Adrian Schubert. The band used many various label names such as Adrian Schubert's Dance Orchestra, Joe Dubin's Dance Orchestra, Roy Carlson's Dance Orchestra, Al Lynch & His Orchestra, the Dixie Jazz Band, the Imperial Dance Orchestra or the Majestic Dance Orchestra, to mention only a few. A talented group of players were at certain times involved in Schubert's bands, including trumpeter Mike Mosiello, trombonist Tommy Dorsey, saxophonist Jimmy Dorsey, clarinetist Benny Goodman, multi-instrumentalist Andy Sannella, percussion virtuoso George Hamilton Green, violinist & vocalist Scrappy Lambert. Many of individual players were hired for one or two recording sessions, for the goal of a typical commercial production of that time was no more than fill the bins at a Woolworth's, where the new discs would quickly sell for a dime. NOTE OF PROTEST I have to protest with all my strength against the scandalous censorship manipulations of the You Tube leadership during last days and weeks. My channel has about 3,000 music-historical clips made by me and presented on You Tube in the last 10 years. These videos have been and are watched by 72 million visitors to my channel today and enjoy popularity and friendliness, not least because I present the diversity of the world's musical cultures in their history and richness: Poland, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Great Britain, but also I try to maintain the balance between the number of materials from different countries and I care about expressing respect and sympathy for the achievements of these nations - both in my information in each film as well as subsequent opinions of the participants in the discussion forum. However, the recent "political-correctness" ideological aspirations of the You Tube management - an action that already has hysterical characteristics - deeply disturb this international balance and friendship in my channel. You Tube has started blocking certain films in my archives under the absurd accusation of "spreading the language of hatred". Interestingly enough - only those films where I present documentaries from the Third Reich including the images of Hitler and other Nazi criminals, which had been commonly present in the German streets and offices at that time. This “ani-totalitarian” censorship used by You Tube, however, overlooks the films showing crimes of Stalinism, Mao Dze-Dong or the Stalinist Gulags, also sometimes presented by me. I am a man with academic background and, while making my own music clips, I use carefully selected original historical photographs from the period to which the music recordings refer. For example, in presenting recordings of German swing orchestras of the Third Reich, I illustrate this with pictures from Berlin from that period. That is all. You Tube's efforts to remove my films containing such historical documents point to an attempt to rewrite history anew and deny the historical truth about the Second World War and its causes. Accusing me of spreading "the language of hatred" by presenting true historical images of Nazism in Germany and the criminal activities of the Third Reich government is the denial of historical truth by the management of You Tube. You Tube follows in the footsteps of the worst communist censors of the 1950s or 1960s, who used to block all materials that revealed the truth about the crimes of the Soviet regime. I am ashamed of You Tube and wonder whether to move my channel to Dailymotion, where this censorship brain disease has not yet reached. This note will be placed in the info of each new clip of mine until the decision of staying or not staying in You Tube will be made by me. My direct appeals to YT management about their intolerable censorship practices have so far remained unanswered.

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